Veronica Castillo recently visited the Washington casino, the Lucky Eagle Casino, located in Rochester to spend time with her mother. After an evening of fun, they settled in at their hotel and went back to the casino. Castillo decided to play the Jurassic Riches video slot game and happened to win, not just a few dollars but over $8.5 million.

Castillo was not only excited but also stunned. She could not believe her fortune. However, here excitement was short lived as after about five minutes, the casino staff said the win was a malfunction and she had technically only won $10.50. Castillo stated that once she was informed of this, she felt cheated and was very upset. She stated to think about all the people there and then began to get angry.

The Lucky Eagle Casino released a statement on the incident which read that the machine Castillo had used offered only a maximum jackpot of $20,000 so the $8.5 million win is impossible. Figuring the number of credits that Castillo used during game play, she could have won at max, $6,000.

Joseph Dupuis, a spokesman for the casino, stated that the win claimed by Castillo was not legally possible nor practically possible. The company who created the slot machine is now investigating to try and determine why the malfunction took place. In the meantime, Castillo has hired a lawyer and is going to purchase a case against the casino, claiming she would like her prize but also wants to keep this from happening to others.