It is a perfectly understandable combination, having a White Castle burger whilst playing at your favorite casinos. Although, it didn’t quite go as planned for one White Castle restaurant, when they opened their doors in Las Vegas for the very first time this week.

The new 24-hour White Castle in Las Vegas, was the first to open in the gambling capital of the world. Previously, you had to travel 1,500 miles to get one of their lovely burgers, in Missouri.  It’s located in the Best Western Plus Casino Royale on the Vegas Strip, and set between The Venetian casino and Harrah’s Las Vegas; a prime spot for hungry gamblers. The trouble was, this White Castle wasn’t stocked or prepared for the magnitude of people that arrived. Huge lines of people flocked to the burger bar to grab one of their famous meaty treats, and then, disaster struck. The White Castle had to be closed down for over two hours while it was restocked by baffled staff. We’re talking about a hamburger chain, in Las Vegas – what were they expecting?

White Castle has since recovered from its earlier mishap, and is now back running smoothly. This will no doubt bring joy to plenty of Las Vegas players as the weekend draws near.

The Columbus based company is most famous for their square-shaped burgers known as sliders (mini-burgers), and first appeared in 1921, in Wichita, Kansas.