With sports betting legalization under consideration in Iowa, one casino in the region of Clinton is anticipating the new opportunity. The Wild Rose Casino and Resort has the space to offer sports betting, if the option is legalized. The casino would convert an off-track betting room to accommodate sports fans. Players can watch games on dozens of televisions in the space, with wagers placed on events as they happen.

Revamping the Space:

The Wild Rose Casino has offered an off-track betting space for two years now and has seen great success with the room. The option has exceeded the expectations of the casino and according to the general manager, potential sports betting is causing excitement.

According to wqad.com…

Mr. Nauman commented on the off-track betting space and how it could easily be converted to include sports betting. Mr. Nauman stated: “This is two years old (off-track betting space) and it’s already exceeded our expectations. So we’re excited for sports wagering.”

Proposed Sports Betting Law:

In Iowa, sports betting legislation is currently under consideration. The bill would allow players in the state to register for a betting account in person at a land-based facility. Employees of the casino will have to verify the age of the individual, ensuring that they are 21 years of age or older.

Once verified, an account can be set up and the player can then wager on sports, both professional and college level games. Wagers could be placed online via computer or via mobile device.

According to the Clinton County Development Association, the casinos in the region have struggled after nearby Illinois decided to expand their video gaming industry. The group is hoping that sports betting will come to pass in the state so that players will be visiting their casinos once again.

The bill regarding sports betting was able to move out of a House Committee last week and will now have to move forward in order to have the potential to become law.