William Hill has been fighting for some time over a controversial practice that involves taking wagers during live game play of sporting events. The controversy takes place in Australia as the Australian Communications and Media Authority believe that William Hill is taking advantage of a loophole in betting regulations to allow betters to wager on sporting events via smartphones as the events take place.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority referred the company to the Australian Federal Police for an investigation, but the Federal Police have now stated they are rejecting an investigation of William Hill.

William Hill as well as Bet365 have been operating the in-play betting system for many months, despite the option seeming to be in breach of the ban that is in place on taking wagers during live sporting events online. The claim is that as long as a punter leaves their smartphone microphone on while they are betting, the rule is still being followed, which states wagers should be made via phone only.

Ladbrokes was also offering the activity but withdrew in-play betting back in July after complaints surfaced but may decide to reenter the industry after this ruling. Based on information provided by William Hill, the investigation is now back with the media regulator and William Hill will be able to continue to promote the in-play betting.