Professional house raffle organization Raffle House Limited has announced the launch of a competition that is giving participants the chance to win a two-bedroom apartment in London worth £500,000 ($652,000) for only the price of a £10 ($13) ticket.

The British firm used an official Friday press release published by to detail that its latest competition is due to run until the end of July with the eventual winner of the newly-renovated property on the eastern side of the capital city also set to have their stamp duty and legal fees covered.

Recent record:

Raffle House Limited revealed that its first competition awarded one lucky winner with a life-changing cash windfall of £173,012 ($225,549) in August while a further 22 people have since gone on to bank £1,000 ($1,300) prizes via weekly draws in which all the participants were automatically entered. It explained that this inaugural event moreover saw it donate over £13,000 ($16,940) to the Housing for Women and CentrePoint charities, which is a tally it hopes to exceed via its latest raffle.

Moveable target:

Benno Spencer, Chief Executive Officer for Raffle House Limited, used the press release to declare that just over half of the online tickets for his organization’s latest raffle have already been purchased and that its draw date may be brought forward if all of the entries are sold in advance of the closing date.

Read a statement from Spencer…

“We are delighted to guarantee the property for our current competition, becoming the first house raffle business in the world to do so. Doing life-changing things means taking big steps and we’re proud to be able to offer this amazing property to our customers for just £10. Guaranteeing the property establishes Raffle House Limited as the leading house raffle company that does what it says it will do and awards properties to players.”

Regulatory repute:

Raffle House Limited proclaimed that it ‘has undergone a thorough investigative process’ with the Gambling Commission and that the United Kingdom regulator is helping to manage its latest competition in partnership with charity organizer Sterling Management Centre Limited. It pronounced that its newest draw is furthermore being supported by British television property pundit Sara Damergi, who called the raffle ‘an interesting and fun concept’ that is ‘an absolute first in the industry’.

Read a statement from Damergi…

“I’m so pleased to support Raffle House Limited and its mission to become the number-one house raffle operator in the United Kingdom. If you have a spare tenner, buy a ticket to the competition. You have to be in it to win it.”