At one time there were over 1,000 casinos in Russia but they were all outlawed in order for the government to gain control over casino revenues. Several gambling zones were created and World Casino News offers intensive coverage from Sochi to the Primorsky Krai and beyond as these European and Asian gambling meccas develop and try to find their footings amongst fierce international competition. While the Siberian gambling zone near Vladivostok has not met expectations yet, you will find some big names there such as NagaCorp investing big money in its success.

We also cover the more controversial zones such as the one established in Crimea after the military's annexation of the region. Readers here can stay up to date on any new zones being considered or created as well as casino proposals and openings.

NagaCorp Limited looking to Japan as its business in Cambodia booms

A senior executive for Asian casino operator, NagaCorp Limited, has reportedly declared that his firm is now ‘in a position to take a look at fresh opportunities’ including the possibility of entering the nasce...