As the 2015 World Series of Poker continues in Las Vegas, more and more players are earning the coveted gold bracelet and bragging rights for a title win. For the $10,000 Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em Championship event, it was Keith Lehr who sealed the deal, earning the first place win, his second gold bracelet of his career.

The event saw 143 players paying up the $10,000 entry fee which created a first place prize of $334,430. Lehr hadn’t won a gold bracelet since 2003, when he earned his very first competing in the $1,500 pot limit hold’em event. It was high time the player earned another one and he would do so after taking on Paul Volpe in heads up play.

Before making it to the final round, Lehr would have to out-perform his opponents in seven rounds of heads up play, which he did. Once he met Volpe, each player would hold 3,840,000 in poker chips. It would only take 23 hands before Lehr would have a nice 3 to 1 chip lead and on hand 24, would earn the first place win.

On the final hand at the Rio, Volpe raised to 80,000 from the button and Lehr would call. The flop showed 7-6-3 and Lehr bet 110,000. Volpe would raise to 280,000 and then Lehr would four bet to 510,000. Volpe took some time but made the call. A Queen on the turn made Lehr move all in and Volpe would call.

Vople flipped over 6-3 suited which gave him two pair but Lehr showed Q-8, needing an 8 or Queen for an out. An 8 on the river sealed the deal and gave Lehr the win and his second career WSOP gold bracelet.

Final Results:

Winner                                Keith Lehr                          $334,430

Finalist                                Paul Volpe                          $206,620

Semifinalist                        Dee Tiller                            $111,525

Semifinalist                        Matthew Cooper               $111,525

Quarterfinalist                   Valeriu Coca                      $54,545

Quarterfinalist                   J.C. Tran                            $54,545

Quarterfinalist                   Tim Adams                        $54,545

Quarterfinalist                   Isidro Sifuentes                $54,545