During the 2015 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nevada, most of the tournament events will take days to complete. With thousands of players in each event, combined with re-buys and more than one starting day, an event can take several days to finish up and name a winner. While this is the norm, Event #6 was able to finish up in less than two days, leaving John Reading of Minnesota with the bracelet win.

Reading was able to outlast the field of 1,436 players to earn the first place win plus his first ever WSOP gold bracelet. The event had a buy-in of $1,000 and began at 11:00 am on Sunday at the Rio. After 11 hours, the final table was set and by Monday, it would take only 48 hands before Reading claimed the title win.

Heads up play in Event #6 would see Reading taking on Marc MacDonnell during the final round of game play. After only 8 hands, Reading would have the chip advantage and MacDonnell would make a move. MacDonnell pushed for close to 1 million with Q-10 off-suit and Reading would call with A-7 off-suit. The board ran J-8-3-2-A, giving Reading a pair of Aces and the win.

Final Results for WSOP Event #6:

First                       John Reading                     $252,068

Second                  Marc MacDonnell              $155,876

Third                     Harrison Beach                  $98,623

Fourth                  Aleksandr Gofman             $71,586

Fifth                      Matt Woodward                 $52,807

Sixth                     Bobby Suer                          $39,547

Seventh                Kenneth Johnson               $30,048

Eighth                  Ryan Julius                          $23,133

Ninth                    Wayne Boyd                        $18,041