Several online gaming content companies have been joining the reputable YG Masters program of Yggdrasil as of late with the most recent being the Skyrocket Entertainment company. The group will now have access to the supplier’s GATI technology as a way to drive growth on a global scale.

The Games Company is the content development and distribution division of Skyrocket, that will now have access to the program, joining several top independent studios and game developers who are already part of the program. Those involved in the program have used the proven technology of Yggdrasil along with their global network to design content as well as develop and distribute titles.

Ascent in the Industry:

Launched during the Cannes Film Festival in 2018, Skyrocket Entertainment takes popular Hollywood films and branded intellectual property rights and transforms it into real and social money gaming content. The company is preparing to create even more content after acquiring international rights to 75 films. This group includes The Expendables and Rambo 4, among many others.

With the GATI of Yggdrasil, The Games Company of Skyrocket will be able to use the quality technology solution to develop games and distribute them anywhere they like around the globe. Every partner that is integrated within the GATI can cross-sell games to any franchisee of Yggdrasil. This is a unique modeling concept that provides rapid scale distribution along with increasing revenue opportunities.



According to Yggdrasil…

Head of Partner Strategy and Sourcing Stuart McCarthy commented: “Skyrocket has grown rapidly in a very short space of time, however by joining YG Masters they will be able to greatly accelerate that progress and scale, with access to an unlimited audience, all powered by our revolutionary GATI technology. I am positive that our customers and their players will enjoy the innovative games delivered from our Skyrocket partnership.”

Additional YG Masters Newbies:

Many companies are joining forces with Yggdrasil to become part of the YG Masters program. The Skyrocket Entertainment announcement comes just days after Reflex Gaming announced they are now part of the program. The developer is known for offering independent machine supplier services and hopes the program will allow the company to accelerate its growth plans.