According to Gregory Chochon, director of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), this year, a new team event is going to be introduced to players, while dealer auditions should begin as early as March. Chorchon revealed the information during an interview on a French poker radio show called The RMC Poker Show.

Experts took the news with reservations since WSOP never releases such important details like this. Nonetheless, scribe Steve Ruddock provided info on what the team event is expected to look like; he did, however, point out that nothing has been confirmed as true. The participation fee per head would be $1,000, while the tournament would accept teams that have anything between two and four players. Winners can expect to be awarded WSOP bracelets; every team member would get their own recognition.

Team events aren’t something unusual for WSOP since they’ve been organised from 1973 to 1983. However, in the past three decades, strategy makers didn’t believe that players were interested in taking part in such competitions.

Most probably, what motivated WSOP to change its opinion on the topic is the popularity of the Global Poker League (GPL). Players seem to be attracted by the concept of playing in teams, something that even GLP founder Alex Dreyfus himself confirmed. Reportedly, giving a statement regarding the current gossip, Dreyfus said he would be happy to play WSOP team format because he wasn’t able to do the same at GPL.

This year’s WSOP schedule hasn’t been officially published yet; but the series has confirmed the time frame, with a starting date on 31st of May and continuing until the 18th of July. Aside from the popular $10,000 Main Event, players will also be able to take part in favourites such as the Millionaire Maker and the Colossus. Dealer auditions for the event are scheduled to run from 7th of March to 12th of April.