Casino owner Derek Stevens wants to use his Las Vegas venue to try and help Kanye West get rid of the major debt the rapper has accrued, $53 million to be exact. The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center owner has provided a solution to Kanye after learning of the rapper’s debt based on a Twitter post from Monday.

Kanye originally tweeted about his debt on Monday on Twitter and asked Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, to help him pay off the $53 million by investing $1 billion in his ‘ideas’. Zuckerberg has yet to respond. However, Stevens did provide the rapper with somewhat of a solution.

On Twitter, Stevens offered Kanye a deal. If Kanye would agree to hold a concert at his Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, he would let Kanye take all the revenues from tickets. The venue can hold as many as 10,000 people. Stevens would only want to keep the proceeds from the bar sales. Stevens also owns The D and The Las Vegas Club in Sin City.

Kanye has performed in Las Vegas before so this would be nothing new. However, the rapper has yet to respond as to if he would consider taking the deal offered by Stevens.