Update: 7-16-2015: The Cripple Creek City Council has approved seven casinos to serve alcohol 24/7. There are nine total casinos; however, only seven applied for permission to serve alcohol throughout the day. Cripple Creek is the most recent city that has decided to offer alcohol in gaming halls, after the bars close.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015—The Cripple Creek City Council in Colorado has a decision to make on whether they will allow round the clock alcohol sales at casinos. Almost every casino in Cripple Creek is looking to add all day alcohol service; only two are not a part of the request. Colorado’s current trend is aiming to match gambling hours to alcohol sales. The decision will be made Wednesday by the City Council. If the option to allow all day alcohol sales is passed, then Cripple Creek will have more businesses in town selling liquor 24/7 than any other location in Colorado.

Black Hawk has already allowed two casinos to have round the clock sales for liquor, according to one city manager in Cripple Creek. Another council member, Terry Wahrer, stated no one is objecting to the plan that was already presented to the Cripple Creek Casino Association. Wahrer believes adding 24/7 alcohol sales is going to “revitalize the industry.”

Two casino operators called the move a renaissance one for the city. The downtown area was already revitalized; now the casinos want to ensure they can serve all customers based on work schedules. There are customers who get off of work late or work through the night, and then want to drink alcohol. He said casino visitors might not start back home at 2 am from the local bars.

The state has a law that stops alcohol sales at bars at 2 am. By matching the gaming industry with liquor sales 24/7, it also matches the rest of the US jurisdictions with gambling.

Those in favor of the plan believe people will go to casinos after bars close, if they still want to drink or if they are just getting off of work. It also keeps people in state to gamble because they can drink as much as they want, while enjoying a gambling vacation.

Shotgun Willie’s is also a place in Colorado that was able to lift part of the ban on alcohol service. The strip club in Greeley can serve alcohol until 4am. Greeley also allows downtown bars and streets to remain open during special music festivals.