idPair, Inc., a prominent advocate for safer gambling practices, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of free self-exclusion assistance in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, and Tennessee, beginning this August. This initiative marks the first phase of the National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program (NVSEP), a groundbreaking effort aimed at strengthening consumer protection within the gambling industry.

Commitment to accessibility and affordability:

In a significant stride towards inclusivity, idPair will provide free assistance for individuals seeking to self-exclude, including the provision of remote online notarization where required, thereby eliminating any associated costs. This initiative ensures that individuals facing gambling-related challenges can exercise their right to self-exclusion without financial barriers. It’s important to note that these enhancements do not alter the existing procedures or protocols through which gambling operators receive and manage self-exclusion requests from participants.

The NVSEP platform will encompass a diverse array of gambling activities across the participating states, including casinos, online sports betting, casino games, poker, fantasy sports, and horseracing. Each state’s distinct regulatory framework will be accommodated, allowing individuals to explore tailored self-exclusion options specific to their jurisdiction. To explore the comprehensive range of self-exclusion products available and to identify supported properties, interested parties are encouraged to visit

Leadership and vision in responsible gambling:

As Business Wire reports via Yahoo Finance, Jonathan Aiwazian, CEO of idPair, expressed enthusiasm about the transformative potential of NVSEP: “This initiative represents a significant step forward in enhancing consumer protection by enabling seamless self-exclusion across multiple states. Our steadfast commitment to removing barriers underscores our dedication to promoting responsible gambling practices and safeguarding individuals.”

Looking ahead, subsequent phases of NVSEP aim to introduce deeper integration capabilities, potentially enabling direct linkage with the Player Account Management (PAM) systems of gambling operators. This forward-thinking approach aims to streamline the self-exclusion process, ensuring immediate implementation and enhancing operational efficiency compared to current processing times observed in existing programs.

The initial rollout of NVSEP in Colorado, IowaMichigan, and Tennessee marks a proactive initiative toward fostering a nationwide culture of responsible gambling. By facilitating easier access to self-exclusion options, idPair seeks to empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding their gambling habits while promoting safer gaming environments within their communities.

It’s important to clarify that idPair’s announcement of free self-exclusion assistance in these states does not establish an official partnership or formal relationship with Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, and Tennessee. Each state retains the autonomy to independently determine whether formal integration with NVSEP aligns with its respective regulatory frameworks and operational guidelines.