Almost $5 million is to be spent on a Sacramento, California casino, allowing the card rooms to become more upscale, offering luxury amenities. The Lotus Casino will be upgrading the Stockton Boulevard property, expanding the 5,000 square feet of space to 9,500 square feet. The casino is open 24/7 and will stay open while the work is taking place in three phases throughout a one year time frame.

The casino will have more space as well as be remodeled to resemble an architectural style patterned after a French colonial theme found commonly in Vietnam. The casino is located in the Little Saigon neighborhood of Sacramento, so the new theme is fitting.

With the expansion, the casino will have landscaping and lighting added as well as see the card room, restaurant and bar completed renovated. The card room will still include 15 card tables with games such as poker, blackjack and pai gow poker. The upgrades to the Lotus Casino are following a trend in the state for card rooms to become a Vegas style venue.

In August 2011 the former Silver Fox Card Room underwent a major renovation and re-opened in October as The Lotus Casino.