The UK Gambling Commission announced a week ago that it had suspended the license for MetroPlay Limited, which also controls 666Bet. This week  starts with a new turn of events. The director of 666Bet has been arrested on suspicion of money laundering and fraud.

Paul Bell is a former stockbroker and investor. Also under arrest are six other individuals, who have not been named. They are also suspected of having something to do with the VAT fraud and money laundering that police have uncovered as part of Operation Bannock.

According to source, The Independent on Sunday, approximately £21 million in fraud is under investigation. The head of brand for 666Bet stated the investigation does not relate to 666Bet activities in terms of gamblers. He added the day to day running of the betting operations is not a part of the allegations of those who have been arrested.

The UKGC has stated previously that the license suspension would not affect customers’ ability to withdraw money from the casinos.