Just a short time ago, online poker players received an unexpected preview of a new online poker game at 888poker. Several poker forums and media outlets revealed that Flopomania was a new game available for real-money play, but only for a few short hours. The game mysteriously disappeared, just as quickly as it had mysteriously showed up. Yesterday, the online poker brand revealed that on Sunday, the new Flopomania game will launch officially, offering players a new format of poker to enjoy.

According to PokerNews, the game of Flopomania is like Texas Hold’em but preflop betting action no longer exists. Basically, each player at the table will see the flop with each hand. Blinds are no longer in play. Instead of posting a blind like you would in traditional Texas Hold’em, the player will pay an ante before the hole cards are dealt.

Once the ante is paid and the hole cards dealt, the flop is dealt. From here, the game plays like traditional Texas Hold’em. Without preflop betting, the game is faster and hand values change. While pocket aces would normally see a big bet preflop, a player holding the same hand might not wager as much with the flop revealed.

888poker will offer the standard Flopomania game where players will play as stated above as well as Push or Fold versions. With this option, players will be able to decide if they want to push all-in or fold their hand by using a betting amount that has been predetermined.

888holdings SVP Head of B2C Itai Pazner commented on the new game stating that 888 feels that Flopomania will play a major role in the brand’s mission to take back the game. The new product brings love and fun back to poker by giving players the opportunity to see the flop and ‘fulfill every hand they are being dealt’.