iGB Affiliate parent company Clarion Events has announced they have now acquired one of the largest affiliate marketing conferences in the world. For an undisclosed amount, Affiliate Summit has now been acquired by Clarion Events as the company looks to further reinforce their presence within the affiliate marketing industry.

The three-day tradeshow known as Affiliate Summit includes several features such as the educational sessions covering the latest in affiliate trends as well as an exhibit hall showcasing affiliates, vendors, merchants and networking. With the transaction, Clarion Events will also acquire FeedFront Magazine, ReveNews.com, GeekCast.fm and AffStat industry benchmark reports.

Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, the Co-CEOs of Affiliate Summit, announced the news of the acquisition on their website, with Shawn stating the acquisition has been in the works since the beginning of the year and everything was able to fall into place before the Affiliate Summit East 2017 begins.

Shawn and Missy will hold their position as Co-CEOs of the company and they will continue work with the company. According to the Affiliatesummit.com, there will be a big opportunity for the company to develop their brand domestically as well as internationally and a third Affiliate Summit for the United States is being considered along with Affiliate Summit events in other countries. In the past, the company did not have the resources or know-how to branch out and now with the acquisition by Clarion Events, they do.