Alabama State Representative Craig Ford has plans to propose lottery and casino gaming bills to see such activities legalized in the state. Ford is the Alabama House of Representatives leader of the Democratic minority who plans on pre-filing two lottery bills before a special legislative session as well as during the regular session of 2017.

Ford has plans to introduce two lottery bills, one specific to lottery while the other will include a lottery and casino gaming. With both proposals, the revenues from the lottery will go towards an education budget which will include scholarships for students to attend community colleges as well as a public university. Students who gain admission to a university or public college will be eligible to receive a scholarship that would cover the first two years of college.

For the lottery or casino gaming to be legalized, Alabama Legislature will have to pass an amendment to the constitution with a vote in the House and the Senate by the three-fifths of the majority. Once a proposal is approved, then the issue would be placed on the ballot for voters to decide statewide.

Ford has tried for years to see the lottery come to fruition within the state but any proposal has never been able to advance past the House. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has stated that a special session may be called in the coming months to address the General Fund for the state as well as Medicaid funding. Ford does not believe that voters would be in support of a lottery to be used for the General Fund.