Three investor groups that have proposed projects for a casino in the state of Kansas have managed to meet the first round of requirements to move forward in the selection process. The Kansas Lottery Commission confirmed the companies can now move forward after meeting the requirements based on management and financials.

The approval by the commission for the three groups was based on standards set by the state to allow the proposals to move forward. The groups will now be reviewed by the Lottery Gaming Facility Review Board, who will then choose the best option for the fourth and final state-owned casino in Kansas under current law.

Included in the proposals is a $78 million venture from Phil Ruffin, of Las Vegas. Ruffin is proposing a conversion of the Camptown Greyhound Park to a casino with 750 slot games and hotel accommodations. The Castle Rock Casino Resort has proposed a $140 million project that would create a casino in the Cherokee County area. The final proposal comes from the Kansas Crossing Casino and Hotel group with a $64 million project by the US-400 and US 69 highway junction.

The Lottery Gaming Facility Review Board is expected to make a decision as to who will take on the latest casino project by July.