Altenar, one of the most popular sportsbook and iGaming software suppliers in the industry, signed a strategic partnership with nVenue, a modern and innovative company renowned in the sports technology industry. This new partnership will strengthen Altenar’s position in the market and allow the company to offer the best sports betting experience to its customers.

The combination of unique technology and modern platform:

Altenar and nVenue will join forces to combine their best assets – modern Altenar’s platform and micro-betting technology developed by nVenue. The combination of these two will allow both companies to develop a game-changing playing experience and will change the point of view of customers and fans all over the world, revealing new horizons when it comes to the sports industry.

Altenar has great plans for the future, and this deal will help the company achieve them. They want to promote micro-betting since it is very popular among the players and greatly enhances the interest in live sporting events.

Since micro-betting became a thing, many significant changes have shaken the industry. The way the fans engage with sports events is changed by including real-time bets in the offering, and one of the major updates is an opportunity to place bets on specific game moments, including player performances and different statistical results of the game.

Micro-betting as the future of sports betting:

Micro-betting is the future of sports betting, as it seems. Even the major sportsbooks are noticing the impact of micro-betting on the whole industry, and it will only increase over time.

Combining the expertise, experience, and technology knowledge both Altenar and nVenue have will be the great starting point for increasing the value of micro-betting in the industry and offering the players a unique sports betting experience.

Antonis Karakousis, Director of Operations at Altenar, said: “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with nVenue, a trailblazer in the sports technology sector. This strategic partnership signifies the increasing importance of micro-betting as a prominent element in the realm of sports betting. Through the fusion of our cutting-edge platform and nVenue’s distinctive micro-betting technology, our objective is to elevate the sports experience for enthusiasts and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the industry.”

Jeremy Jones, Chief Revenue Officer of nVenue, commented: “We are excited to join forces with Altenar, a recognized leader in the sports betting space. This partnership emphasizes the increasing popularity of micro-betting as a vital feature in the world of betting, essential for any major sportsbook.”

He added that this partnership will be the one to set new industry standards and make the best sports betting experience possible.