The American Gaming Association wants to help Japan enter the gaming industry by providing information and experience to officials within the country. Geoff Freeman is the President and CEO of the AGA and has spoken with the Japanese media, stating the group would be helpful as the country considers casino gaming.

According to Freeman, the United States casino industry creates $240 billion in revenues, providing 1.4 million jobs across 40 states. Casinos in Japan would be able to have a positive effect on the economy if officials will lift a current ban on casino gaming as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has requested.

The Japanese government is considering allowing casino gaming, but has a major concern of an increase of gambling addition among residents if casinos are allowed. Freeman stated the concerns of officials are valid but only around 1% of the population have gambling problems. Freeman reiterated that casino operators in the US will be well-suited partners in Japan due to their vast experience in the industry.