In 1910, a casino was built in Constanta Romania of a grand scale in a beautiful seaside location. The Casino Constanta easily attracted wealthy visitors and became the shining symbol of the city. However, after two world wars, the casino fell into disrepair and was eventually used as a hospital and restaurant. By the 90s, the casino was in such disrepair that the building became too expensive to maintain and has sat closed ever since.

A report has now surfaced from Romania that the casino will now undergo a restoration process beginning in mid-autumn of this year. The renovations should take about 2 and a half years before completion. 9.2 million EUR was taken from the central budget to help restore the building. The Ministry of Culture must approve the project before architects and designers can begin as the casino is considered a historic building.

The casino was under the management of the Constanta municipality but was taken over by the National Investments Company who now runs the facility.

Slate has photos on their Atlas Obscura site.