Anima is an organization based in Macau that focuses on the protection of animals. The organization’s president recently requested that the Canidrome greyhounds be turned over to the group before the race track shuts down next year. President Albano Martins stated that the group fears that the animals will be in danger until the facility shuts down.

Animal rights activists made the announcement on World Greyhound Day feeling that the event was an accurate time to advocate for the animals in Macau. Through the years, Anima has tried numerous times to save the greyhounds from the facility. 30 dogs or more are killed each month at the Canidrome.

The government finally did decide to shut the track down, a race track that critics have called the deadliest. The Canidrome has until next year to relocate. Yet the president of Anima feels that more needs to be done to save the greyhounds as he believes their lives are in danger. Teledifusão de Macau reports that Martins said “Even reducing the number of races, that track is a very bad track and the majority of those animals get injured and afterwards they’re killed. So if we are waiting for the Canidrome to close to save those animals, we will never save anybody because all of them will be killed”,  Martins said.


The animal rights group does not have more room for additional animals even if the greyhounds were to be released by the Canidrome. However, they have found organizations in other countries that will take the animals in. Martins says that Anima must have the cooperation of the government in order to rescue the greyhounds if they are allowed to do it a year before the venue closes.