L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) continues to work hard on promoting responsible gaming and players’ protection

In October 2019, the decree that regulates gambling and gaming was issued. Since then, the players have been more protected than ever because each operator must submit the action plan to the ANJ annually.

The main problems in France are excessive gambling and the minors included in the various types of games, which is why ANJ decided to focus on these two problems. For 2022, operators were required to pay attention to the protection of underage people and the identification of excessive gamblers, as well as their support. There are a few concrete moves that are suggested to the operators. 

However, the results are already here – compared to 2020, a lot has been done regarding these two main issues. 

Many initiatives that help prevent minor gambling have been started, including awareness campaigns that had been in focus, especially before the Football World Cup in 2022. During this year, this will be continued in mainstream media as well. 

The plans for the future:

Some concrete steps that will be taken in the future include the visible sign that will notify minors that gambling is prohibited. Also, the mechanism for detecting various attempts to bypass the law will be included, as well as developing new mechanisms to track the sales to minors.

When it comes to excessive gambling, devices are modified to recognize every bigger increase in the number of gamblers. The systems will be further developed during the year.

Also, one more important thing for problem gamblers is support, which will be provided for everyone who needs it.

The measurable results are expected:

The operators will be required to provide the state with results that can be tracked and measured, guaranteeing the operation’s success. The main mission is to reduce the number of problem gamblers, as well as the amount of money they spend on gambling. 

The concrete steps will be setting up the alert system to notify when the control is lost. Player tracking will be leveled up with new mechanisms, and support will be provided to the risk groups and identified problem gamblers.

The operators will have to be careful when creating game offers too. The risks must be carefully considered, and measures will be undertaken to minimize the potential risks

Players will have to be better informed, the awareness of campaigns will be carefully optimized and monitored, and the tools the player controls during the game will be generalized. The dashboard the players will be using must get approval from the ANJ. The main focus will be on measuring the results, both quantitative and qualitative.

The practical guide that ANJ prepared will soon be published and available to all operators. Meanwhile, ANJ also plans to begin with control actions to help identify and support excessive gamblers.