Last week, Queensland found itself amidst some shocking election results that may cause delays to the integration of the $8bn Cairns resort. Last week’s election may cause a ripple effect which would shift power from the Liberal National Party. What this shift in power could do is to put a wrench in the plans already in the works for the integration, since it was the Liberal National Party who had been working out the details for the license needed for the complex to move forward.

The resort, the Aquis Great Barrier Reef, would turn nearly 343ha of land in a rural area into an impressive resort which would be completed in two phases. The resort, featuring 135 villas and 9 luxury hotels, would also offer shopping centers and meeting centres. Those visiting the facilities would also be able to enjoy many other amenities during their stay. The shock election has brought some concerns to light which may stop the integration altogether. Tony Fung, the developer, has made it clear that he has no intention of moving forward if a casino won’t be part of the project.

Last year, it was the Liberal National Party who started the movement toward the integration with plans for the project expected to bring more than 9,300 new full-time jobs to the area. Premier Campbell Newman had guaranteed the integration would occur, no matter what. However, Newman ever expected a change in the Government when making such a strong guarantee.
The project will more than likely be put on standby until the new government is in place. At that time, the developers may need to get permission from the local council and possibly even at the federal level. What was once an integration on its way is now a wait-and-see situation with new hurdles to overcome.