Leading games and systems provider Aristocrat has entered into an exclusive licensing and development agreement with renowned casino loyalty solution developer House Advantage. Under the agreement, Aristocrat will be the exclusive licensee and sales distributor for House Advantage’s gaming product suite in the North American market. Aristocrat will embed House Advantage software into Aristocrat’s Oasis 360™ casino management system. Aristocrat will also act as first level of support for the HALo suite of products, bringing world class service to the software suite.

Additionally, Aristocrat and House Advantage will work jointly to develop new casino promotional software and loyalty solutions. “Leading casinos across North America are successfully using House Advantage’s elite software, which provides casinos of all sizes with a scalable, competitive, unique, innovative solution for building patron loyalty. This agreement reflects our commitment to bringing best in breed software solutions to our loyal Oasis 360 clients, and we are thrilled to bring these solutions to our company, to our existing Oasis 360
customers and to other customers across North America,” said Aristocrat Chief Product Officer Rich Schneider.

House Advantage President and CEO Jon Wolfe said, “For years, we have worked to earn our global reputation as casino marketing experts, and our base of clients of the world’s leading operators speaks to our strengths. Now with this agreement, we are excited to partner with a leading supplier who is as committed to excellence, inventiveness and service as we are and to further expand our reach.” The agreement brings House Advantage’s field proven and industry leading loyalty marketing systems to Aristocrat, including:

  • HALo CORE, a multiplatform loyalty marketing solution and its Advanced Marketing tools
  • HALo Promotions driven by HALo Kiosk and HALo Web
  • HALo Mobile Enrollment and Age Verification

For more information and to take advantage of the new HALo line of products, contact your Aristocrat Oasis 360 sales representative at (702) 270-1000