With two seasons under its belt, Westworld is one of the more popular shows on television. The sci-fi and fantasy-based television show is set to be adapted in slot form thanks to Aristocrat. The gaming company has announced that they are about to launch the new game cabinet, providing players at casinos with a cool new element of game play.

Bringing TV To Life:

The basis of Westworld is the Delos Lab and the actual Westworld area. Players are taken on a journey through Westworld, watching as their favorite characters are featured on the screen. With unexpected twists during gameplay, players will enjoy beautiful visuals with the landscapes that are displayed in high-definition.

Aristocrat has taken into account the popularity of the television show and has included the memorable scenes on the reels. Players will hear the theme music of the show and be ready to get the reels spinning to follow Dolores and Teddy as they move across the scenes of the game.

According to European Gaming…

The new slot game allows players to experience two different worlds on the reels. The top set of symbols is a representation of the Delos laboratory world while the bottom symbol set takes on the park theme of Westworld. Players can place wagers in two separate games, with larger wagers merging the two game symbols sets to fully immerse players in the game.

Joins Mad Max: Fury Road:

The new Westworld slot game now joins a group of new games created by Aristocrat including Mad Max: Fury Road. Based on the popular film, Mad Max: Fury road was debuted at the Global Gaming Expo back in October. Aristocrat was able to show off their new game in Las Vegas so operators could see what the new title offered.