In a joint venture with industry veterans, technology platform company Aspire Global will co-launch a casino and sports betting site under the new brand Mr. Play. The Malta-based company will power the new site that is reportedly live this week.

Aspire Global has acquired a 40 percent stake in what will be a fully regulated gaming experience offering sports betting and casino. In addition to the technology, Aspire Global will provide a full suite of in-house services such as multi-market licenses, multilingual Customer Support and bespoke CRM for the sportsbook and casino.

CMO for Mr. Play, Hanan Greenberg, said, “When we decided to launch Mr. Play, we looked for more than just a software vendor. We wanted a first-rate strategic partner who could provide us with anything it takes to carve out significant market share by offering customers the best possible online gaming experience,” according to the press release.

The new company will be financed, based on business milestones, with the group of shareholders contributing up to MEUR 4, of which, up to MEUR 2.25639, will be contributed by Aspire Global, according to the report.

Aspire Global CEO Tsachi Maimon said, “We are always open to opportunities where we can leverage our strong position in new profitable ways. We are excited to be part of this joint venture and look forward to materializing the potential of this product in our role as full partner.”