In a press release issued from the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, serial counterfeiter Christian Lusardi has plead guilty to second-degree trademark counterfeiting and third-degree criminal mischief. The plea agreement recommends that he be sentenced to five years for the counterfeiting charges and three years for criminal mischief, with both charges running concurrently.

In addition to the state prison term, Lusardi will also be required to pay $463,540 restitution to the Borgata to cover poker tournament revenue loss, and $9455 to Harrahs for plumbing damaged caused when he attempted to flush bootleg chips down a toilet. Formal sentencing is scheduled for October 22.

The official investigation into Lusardi’s counterfeit chip operation revealed that he was also involved in an international bootleg DVD counterfeiting scheme in his home state of North Carolina. Once discovered, the US District Court in New Jersey sent him back home to face the DVD bootlegging charges. US District Judge James Fox had already sentenced him to sixty months of prison plus almost $1.14 million U.S. in restitution of the copyright infringement charges prior to the Atlantic City grand jury indictment for the counterfeit poker chips earlier this year.