New Jersey Casino Control Commission Chairman, Matt Levinson, announced yesterday that gambling establishments of Atlantic City are going to be hiring more workers this year. After surveying the eight casinos in the gambling city, Levinson has found that as many as 2,400 new employees will be hired this year, with 600 of these positions being full time.

Last year, a similar survey was conducted which found that job openings would take place with 1,400 positions. According to Levinson, casinos are hiring this year and not just for summer positions. The part time and full time openings at casinos indicate, to the Chairman, that the casinos in Atlantic City are stabilizing and looking to grow. Additional jobs mean more paychecks for individuals in the area and this will help to stabilize the economy overall.

In 2014, four of the twelve casinos in Atlantic City closed, which definitely hurt the industry. It has taken some time to see the remaining eight casinos stabilize in regards to revenues and profitability, as there is less competition in the immediate market.

At the end of last month, Atlantic City casinos had just over 23,000 employees spread out among the eight gambling venues. With the survey conducted, it was found that 1,260 of the employment positions would be for seasonal work.