The Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City is the oldest casino in New Jersey and has many longtime patrons. The casino recently began offering online gaming, as regulation allows such activity to take place in the state of New Jersey. To make visitors more comfortable with the aspect of online casino gaming, the owner of the casino, Morris Bailey, opened a new Internet gambling lounge on the property last week.

The new lounge is located just off the main casino floor and helps gamblers sign up for online betting accounts. Players can fund their online accounts, which has been a major issue with online gamers in the state of New Jersey since the activity first became available around a year and a half ago.

Speaking with the Associated Press, Bailey stated that it is crucial to integrate the in-person customers of the casino with the online gaming offerings, as the two will compliment instead of compete with each other. Bailey feels that integrating the two will help the customers of the land based gaming facility feel more comfortable online, making the activity interesting and exciting.

Mark Giannantonio, the Resorts President, has stated that the design of the Internet lounge is simple. Staff will always be on hand to assist customers with setting up online gaming accounts with their very own laptop, tablet or mobile television. A kiosk located in the lounge will take currency which will then be deposited into the player account, or the cashier cage can be used for deposits. Small tablets are also offered in the lounge for online game play.