A casino website, 99world.com, was launched in 2013 to expose gamblers with debts; most often Chinese citizens who avail themselves of the services of junket operators to get around laws restricting the amount of money they can bring with them to Macau. The site shares personal information including name, amount of debt, and a photo of the person. The website claims to have recovered 200 million Yuan or $32.3 million USD since its launch.

According to a report in the Macau Business Daily, Charlie Choi Kei Ian of Wonderful World is accused by the Office for Personal Data Protection  of having violated personal data protection laws. They are also charging him with aggravated disobedience. The first hearing for the lawsuit occurred on April 16, 2015. Charlie Choi Kei Ian denied the charges. The trial is currently in the Court of First Instance. Mr. Choi stated he did not launch the site and is not responsible for any information found on the site. During the hearing, prosecution stated Mr. Choi gave interviews to media where he claimed ownership of the site.

Mr. Choi denies saying anything regarding being the owner of the site. He claims his interview with media was about his opinions regarding the function of the site and on the issue of Macau junket markets.

Prior to being arrested Mr. Choi was ordered by Judiciary Police to remove personal information from the site. He did not remove any data and was arrested last April 2014 for failure to comply with the request. Mr. Choi continues to deny the allegations, while policy and prosecutors work to prove their case of his involvement in the website.