William Yan is a Chinese businessman who is known for gambling millions at the SkyCity Auckland casino. In just 82 minutes, the gambler was able to waste away $4.6 million during a gambling spree. Now, the businessman is being accused of stealing millions to fund his over-the-top lifestyle.

From 2001 to 2013, Yan gambled $NZ300 million at the VIP lounge of the Auckland casino. The total amount of funds gambled and won by Yan came to a total of $NZ563 million during that time frame, according to information provided by NZ Herald.

Living in New Zealand, Yan has now become the center of an investigating involving money-laundering. After a 2014 raid of his apartment in Auckland, $NZ40 million of assets were seized by authorities. Police of New Zealand have been working with Chinese police since that time and ongoing inquiries revolve around Yan and his gambling habit.

During one instance noted in the investigation, $NZ2.3 million was transferred to Yan’s wife from a foreign exchange dealer. Mrs. Yan then deposited the funds into accounts at Sky City. Just thirty minutes after the deposit, $NZ500,000 in cash and chips was taken out and then given to an estate agent in the casino to purchase an apartment on the 35th floor of a complex nearby.

Yan has been in New Zealand since 2001 and was granted citizenship despite having a minimum of three different identities and an alert by Interpol on his name. David Jones is representing Yan in this case and has declined to comment. Criminal charges have not been filed, and Yan continues to maintain his innocence.