The Bad Beat jackpot at Motor City Casino is going sky-high and just set a new record according to a report on Mlive. Last week the Detroit News was reporting that the poker prize had reached $419,000. Today, Edward Pevos reported that it has climbed to another record – more than $460k.

It’s all about cash games right now at the Motor City Casino Poker Room. Some local outlets are reporting that tournaments have been cancelled in favor of Texas Hold ’em cash games. All a lucky player needs to do to win their share of the current prize of $460,314 is win or lose with Quads against Quads (and be holding a pocket pair in the hole). The winning four of a kind hand will take 40%, the “loser” 20%, and the rest of the table will split the difference. That’s not a complete description of The Bad Beat rules, but you can find them in the poker room.

Don’t expect to simply walk in and sit down for your chance though, there’s a waiting list and has been for several weeks now.

If poker isn’t your first choice, your favorite game is still on at MotorCity Casino Hotel with almost 3,000 slots and video poker machines along with about 60 gaming tables serving up all the classic games 24/7.

This article has been updated to reflect the sources of information and to add detail.