The Banco Casino of Bratislava will be hosting the Cash Game Festival for the very first time this April. The poker festival will take place at the same time as the MPN Poker Tour Bratislava, which kicks off the very same week. For the Cash Game Festival, players will be able to compete in non-stop poker gaming for over 120 hours, from April 4th to the 8th.

With the Cash Game Festival at the Banco Casino, it will mark the first time the poker festival will be partnered with Unibet. The new partnership was just announced between the Festival and the online gaming brand.

During the Cash Game Festival, players who participate will be able to take part in 24/7 cash games during the 5-day live events. The festival will include live online broadcasts from special tables at the events to fans at home, giving everyone an inside look at the daily action. The live streams can be viewed at the Twitch Channel of the Cash Game Festival.

Each day of the festival will include two featured tables along with endless poker action in a variety of formats including no-limit hold’em, open-face Chinese poker, pot-limit Omaha, super dealer’s choice and more.

Once the festival is completed in Bratislava, the Olympic Park Casino of Tallinn will play host. From April 25th to the 29th, the casino will offer the same great five days of non-stop poker action. Registration is open now for both Cash Game Festivals.