GGPoker and Casino Malta by Olympic Casino have announced that Battle of Malta 2021 is heading online. The series will run from July 11 to the 25 and feature a huge schedule of events with $25 million in prizes up for grabs! The series headliners are three events, each offering up a one-million-dollar prize pool!

Flagship Events

While all the events of the Battle of Malta Online will be popular among players, it is the flagship events that should garner the most attention. First up is Event #2, the Siege of Malta Bounty MILLION$. This event offers the €1 million prize pool and features a low €105 buy-in.

Next up on the headliner set is event #10, the MILLION$ European Cup. This tournament has an even lower buy-in of €50 and includes the large €1 million prize pool. And finally, we have Event #18, the Main Event, featuring a larger €3 million prize pool and a €550 buy-in.

With each of the flagship online poker events, a trophy will be provided to the winner along with the first-place prize money. For the additional 15 numbered tournaments in the series, players will earn a Battle of Malta Winner’s Ring plus cash.

On top of the schedule, GGPoker is also offering a Player of the Series leaderboard competition. Over €25,000 will be awarded in Battle of Malta live packages to the top 20 players in the series. The top finisher of the leaderboard challenge will win a package that features the Main Event buy-in plus high roller tickets.

The Battle of Malta will return to live format in October, so players who earn the live packages will not have to wait long to be able to compete in live events.

Schedule of Events:

#1: King’s Landing Opener: Buy-in: €110.00 Prize Pool: €250,000.00

#2: Siege of Malta Bounty MILLION$, €1M GTD [Final Stage] Buy-in: €105.00 Prize Pool: €1,000,000.00

#3: St. Julian’s Bounty Feast Buy-in: €105.00 Prize Pool: €150,000.00

#4: Three Cities Challenge [3-Stack] Buy-in: €330.00 Prize Pool: €250,000.00

#5: Iron Throne Marathon Buy-in: €110.00 Prize Pool: €150,000.00

#6: Bounty for the Knight Buy-in: €210.00 Prize Pool: €200,000.00

#7: PLO-NL Crusaders Bounty Quest Buy-in: €210.00 Prize Pool: €50,000.00

#8: Talinn Summer Showdown [6-Max] Buy-in: €55.00 Prize Pool: €125,000.00

#9: Kings of Tallinn Main Event Buy-in: €220.00 Prize Pool: €500,000.00

#10: MILLION$ European Cup, €1M GTD [Final Day] Buy-in: €50.00 Prize Pool: €1,000,000.00

#11: Grand Harbour Superstack Buy-in: €110.00 Prize Pool: €150,000.00

#12: Gladiator 6-Max Buy-in: €330.00 Prize Pool: €200,000.00

#13: Castle Siege Bounty Turbo [Ultra Deep] Buy-in: €52.50 Prize Pool: €100,000.00

#14: Bounty for the Queen Buy-in: €315.00 Prize Pool: €250,000.00

#15: PLO-NL Knight Crusaders Buy-in: €220.00 Prize Pool: €50,000.00

#16: Beat the Pros [Special Edition] Buy-in: €210.00 Prize Pool: €200,000.00.

#17: Bounty for the King Royal Championship Buy-in: €525.00 Prize Pool: €500,000.00

#18: Main Event, €3M GTD [Final Day] Buy-in: €550.00  Prize Pool: €3,000,000.00