In Canada and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) regulator has reportedly called on federal lawmakers to pass pending legislation so as to legalize single-game sportsbetting nationwide.

According to a report from SBCAmericas, sports wagering afficionados in British Columbia are currently only able to place bets on single events via unlicensed websites or by travelling across the international border into the American state of Washington. The source detailed that the BCLC believes legalizing such activities would allow it to attract even more players to its own domain and consequently generate up to $136 million in additional annual revenues.

Benevolent body:

The BCLC is a state-run entity that reportedly recorded a little over $1 billion in aggregated earnings for its most recent fiscal year. The organization is subsequently obliged to use these funds to help support a variety of local health, education and community programs while simultaneously guarding against problem gambling and money laundering.

Conscientiousness call:

Stewart Groumoutis, serves as eGaming Director for the BCLC and he reportedly used an official statement to urge the nation’s 338-member House of Commons to pass Bill C-13 in order to legalize single-game sportsbetting across the length and breadth of the planet’s second largest country. Alongside the financial consideration, he purportedly pronounced that such a move would allow his organization to premiere a new suite of locally-licensed online and land-based sports wagering services featuring player safety as a priority.

Reportedly read the statement from Groumoutis…

“Our players have wanted single-event sportsbetting for a long time. For example, this weekend is the Super Bowl and our players want to be able to simply bet on the winner, which they are unable to do under the current legislation. We’re encouraging the federal government to modernize laws so we can provide single-event betting to our players and generate additional revenues to support provincial programs.”