In the area of Salou and Vila-seca, a project known as BCN World is going to be scaled down and feature less casinos and hotels than planned. The entertainment complex in Spain will see work begin once again in the summer of next year based on information provided by the Vice President of Catalonia Oriol Junqueras.

The Vice President stated the new project will be titled the Tourist and Recreation Complex and will not be as ambitious as previously planned. G3NewsWire reports that Junqueras stated that an investment of €2.5bn would be made in regards to the project and ten thousand jobs created in the process. The project will have only 4% of space devoted to gaming which is much less than projected.

With the final plan, there will only be two casino licenses given. The project has changed from being 1 million square meters to 750,000 and of the 750,000 square meters of space, only 30,000 square meters will be devoted to casino gaming. The remaining area will be left for hotel space, convention centers and other uses. According to Junqueras, the new project is more realistic and will be sustainable, able to integrate into the environment.

Back in February, the entertainment complex was put on ‘stand-by’ as political differences began to grow over the project while the urban planning had still not been approved. In time, the government was able to make assurances that the project would be a tourist destination first and then an agreement was able to be reached within the political parties including The Popular Unity Candidates, The Republican Left of Catalonia and the pro-Catalan independence political party.