The gaming regulator for the southern American state of Louisiana has reportedly approved a plan from casino operator CQ Holding Company Incorporated that is to see the riverboat Belle of Baton Rouge Casino Hotel enterprise move onshore.

According to a Saturday report from the Associated Press news service, the unanimous consent from the Louisiana Gaming Control Board will allow the Illinois-based firm to begin constructing a $35 million facility to house the latest incarnation of the 28-year-old venue. The source detailed that building work is now expected to kick off from April to eventually result in the premiere some 13 months later of a new 16,500 sq ft casino on dry land hosting a selection of 316 slots and 14 gaming tables.

Additional amenities:

CQ Holding Company Incorporated reportedly explained that its new-look Belle of Baton Rouge Casino Hotel is to be situated along the banks of the Mississippi River near to the centre of Baton Rouge and moreover feature a 2,500 sq ft sportsbook and lounge as well as a ten-pin bowling alley and oyster and wine bars offering pizza. The operator purportedly also disclosed that this fresh facility will be located adjacent to the existing operation’s 288-room hotel, which is currently renovating 90 of its rooms after being temporarily shuttered in 2020 owing to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

Seafaring service:

Terry Downey serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for East St Louis-headquartered CQ Holding Company Incorporated and he reportedly told local television broadcaster WBRZ-TV that the plan furthermore calls for the construction of a dock for cruise ships. The experienced professional purportedly went on to divulge that vessels operated by American Cruise Lines Incorporated would then be permitted to moor for as long as ten hours after sailing the 160 miles up the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico.

Early expenditure:

Downey reportedly noted that his company had already applied for demolition permits ahead of the vote from the Louisiana Gaming Control Board while simultaneously setting aside $1.35 million to renovate the first 90 rooms inside the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino Hotel’s existing hotel. He purportedly also revealed that this whole plan could create up to 200 extra jobs and is to see the latest casino for the state’s capital city additionally boast an atrium that has him ‘very excited’.

Downey reportedly stated…

“It’s a massive building and there’s unlimited potential on this property.”

Second site:

CQ Holding Company Incorporated is reportedly moreover responsible for the nearby Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge riverboat facility that successfully applied for permission to move onshore in 2021. This coming land-based project is purportedly expected to premiere from as soon as the middle of next year following an investment of at least $60 million offering an additional 33,000 sq ft of gaming space.