A little over a month after launching its Fasttoken blockchain technology-based crypto-currency solution and online gaming technology solutions firm BetConstruct has now announced the premiere of another iGaming innovation in its Jackpot Engine advance.

Elevating the experience:

The London-based firm used an official Wednesday press release to declare that the new Jackpot Engine advance has been designed for its business-to-consumer partners and sits within its online casino platform to ‘elevate player experience.’

Providing ‘choice and variety’:

BetConstruct stated that ‘choice and variety’ are at the heart of appealing to players so its Jackpot Engine innovation gives iGaming operators the ability to ‘charge every spin’ that is made on a selection of some 5,000 video slots from a variety of prominent developers with the added excitement associated with ‘hitting the jackpot.’

Ten-jackpot network:

Edgar Mkrtchyan, Gaming Group Product Manager for BetConstruct, detailed that Jackpot Engine presents players with the chance to randomly trigger one of ten increasingly lucrative progressive-like jackpots while enjoying a video slot session. It explained that its innovation also allows third-party operators to prominently display the amount of these windfalls within the lobbies and individual games of their desktop, mobile and app-based online casinos.

Mkrtchyan’s statement read…

“The simple concept of our new tool will turn out to be a game changer. For our partners, Jackpot Engine is a way forward in the increasingly diversifying world of casinos where players come for life-changing spins.”

Improving the bottom line:

Finally, the brand proclaimed that partner operators utilizing its new Jackpot Engine, which has its prizes covered by the developer’s Global Jackpot Network, will see ‘the overall average bet increased in their casinos’ and that this could well lead to their players taking home ‘the biggest jackpot pool.’