Part of the MRG Group, Green Jade Games has begun their portfolio of game creations with the release of Hammer of Fortune. The games created by Green Jade stand out above the rest by offering something new and exciting, focusing on innovation in design.

Created by MRG:

MRG decided to create Green Jade Games as a strategic move to expand upon their value chain and bring the most innovative products to the gaming industry. The first game created by the studio is Hammer of Fortune, a online slot designed for the Adventure Slots series. The company is set to bring something new to the online gambling industry by combing elements of online casino slots and the gaming world, providing more control to the player.

According to MRG Group…

Green Jade Games MD Benedict McDonagh, stated: “A focus on customer’s changing needs is the critical element in defining the type of content we wish to deliver. We recognize there is a significant opportunity to serve a broader playing audience with a new style of game content. Hammer of Fortune is our first gateway into the future of gambling games.”

Select Casino Sites:

As Hammer of Fortune is released, it will be made available at select casino sites associated with the MRG Group. According to MRG CEO, Per Norman, the game is an ideal one to introduce the market to Green Jade. The game is set to represent a new online gaming genre as it combines both aspects from the gaming world as well as online casino slot play.