The 2019 Mare Balticum Gaming Summit is set to take place in Vilnius on May 9th, featuring special panel discussions covering a wide range of topics. In the mix is a panel featuring the CEO & Founder of BETEGY, Alex Kornilov. Mr. Kornilov will be the keynote speaker during the panel titled: “How big data helps to shape the future of marketing strategy for operators.”

Key Points:

The panel discussion with Mr. Kornilov will cover several key points surrounding Big Data. Sports content will be reviewed as the most valuable content online while the United States will be discussed as to why they lead the way in data visualization.

Also on topic, will be operators vs. media companies, how operators can utilize sports data with their marketing communication and new approaches for content creation as well as content distribution on a scale.

According to the event…

The Mare Balticum Gaming Summit will take place at the Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, gathering individuals from the gambling industry within the Baltic and Scandinavia regions. The platform began in 2018 and remains committed to bringing together industry shareholders and government officials from these regions on a regular basis for the success of the gambling industry as a whole.

Big Data:

In today’s digital era, the majority of the gambling industry functions online. Global data volume continues to grow. A large portion of the data within the industry is known as Big Data. This term is used to describe not just information but a technology that is used for data processing and usage. In business, Big Data covers tools, methods and approaches used to analyze and process data.

The term first emerged in 2008 and has been explained in several ways. Today, the term is used to describe data storage and processing. With Mr. Kornilov’s panel during the summit, he will be focusing on Big Data technology and how it helps to achieve maximum efficiency when processing a large amount of information. The focus of the discussion will center on how Big Data is shaping the future for strategies involving marketing in the gaming sector.

This panel is set to take place in the afternoon hours of the summit.