On Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 Betfred Sports who is proudly represented by SCCG Management signs a juicy multi – year marketing and sponsorship agreement to partner with the Colorado Rockies franchise of Major League Baseball. This new deal will feature numerous stadium and digital assets at the home of the Colorado Rockies, Coors Field, as well as various game – day experiences for fans of Major League Baseball such as ticket hand – outs, stadium suites, contests during the game, and other amazing promotions. Furthermore, the gaming provider of Betfred Sports and SCCG Management will now enjoy a strong and hopefully long – lasting partnership with the Colorado Rockies baseball organization.

This contract now marks the 3rd marketing agreement between Betfred Sports and a major Colorado business entity. Previous partnerships include one with the Denver Broncos franchise of the National Football League and their former all – time great Denver Broncos’ wide receiver as well as two – time Super Bowl champion, Rod Smith. Betfred Sports was also the original brick and mortar sports betting platform to open and operate in the great state of Colorado at the Saratoga Casino Black Hawk which occurred in June of 2020. In addition, they have launched their online sports wagering format later that year in August of 2020.

About Betfred Sports

The Betfred group was founded in 1967 by brothers Peter Done and Fred Done. The Warrington, United Kingdom based gaming provider currently has over 1500 shops in the United Kingdom in which punters can place bets at in addition to their outstanding market leading online as well as mobile betting platforms covering Spain and the United Kingdom. In 2019 the Betfred Group expanded in to the United States of America by creating the Betfred USA Sports division in order to provide Americans an industry leading standard in which to place their sports wagers. Betfred USA Sports is a licensed gaming provider at the moment in the following states: Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Colorado with a pending regulatory approval in Nevada which should be coming very soon.

About SCCG Management

Founded by Stephen A. Crystal, “SCCG Management is a consultancy that specializes in sports betting, iGaming, sports marketing, affiliate marketing, technology, intellectual property protection, product commercialization, esports, capital formation, M&A, joint ventures, casino management, and governmental and legal affairs for the casino and iGaming industry.” They are responsible for representing, consulting, and investing in a variety of gaming providers across the globe in order to provide casino development, iGaming, and other gaming technological undertakings both individually as well as via SCCG Management.

Odds to Win the MLB 2021 World Series

According to Betfred USA Sports below are the odds to win the MLB 2021 World Series as of Friday, March 5th, 2021.


Team                                                   Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers                         +300

New York Yankees                            +550

San Diego Padres                                +800

Chicago White Sox                             +900

New York Mets                                  +1000

Atlanta Braves                                    +1200

Minnesota Twins                                +1500

Toronto Blue Jays                               +1800

Houston Astros                                   +2500

Oakland Athletics                               +2500

St. Louis Cardinals                             +2500

Tampa Bay Rays                                +2500

Philadelphia Phillies                           +3500

Cincinnati Reds                                  +4000

Los Angeles Angels                            +4000

Washington Nationals                        +4000

Milwaukee Brewers                            +4500

Boston Red Sox                                  +5000

Cleveland Indians                               +5000

Chicago Cubs                                     +6000

Miami Marlins                                    +8000

Seattle Mariners                                  +10000

Arizona Diamondbacks                      +15000

Baltimore Orioles                               +15000

Detroit Tigers                                     +15000

Kansas City Royals                            +15000

San Francisco Giants                          +15000

Texas Rangers                                    +15000

Colorado Rockies                          +30000

Pittsburgh Pirates                                +30000


Odds to Win Super Bowl LVI

 According to Betfred USA Sports these are the odds to win Super Bowl LVI as of Friday, March 5th, 2021.


Team                                                   Odds

Kansas City Chiefs                             +550

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                      +900

Buffalo Bills                                       +1000

Green Bay Packers                             +1000

Los Angeles Rams                              +1300

Baltimore Ravens                               +1400

Indianapolis Colts                               +1800

New Orleans Saints                            +1800

San Francisco 49ers                            +1800

Seattle Seahawks                                +1800

Cleveland Browns                              +2000

Pittsburgh Steelers                              +2500

Arizona Cardinals                               +3000

Dallas Cowboys                                  +3000

Los Angeles Chargers                        +3000

Miami Dolphins                                  +3000

Minnesota Vikings                             +3000

Tennessee Titans                                +3000

Carolina Panthers                               +4000

New England Patriots                         +4000

Chicago Bears                                     +5000

Las Vegas Raiders                              +5000

Philadelphia Eagles                            +5000

Atlanta Falcons                                   +6000

New York Giants                                +6000

Cincinnati Bengals                             +7000

Denver Broncos                            +7000

Washington Football Team                +7000

Houston Texans                                  +8000

Jacksonville Jaguars                           +8000

New York Jets                                    +8000

Detroit Lions                                       +12500