One of the leading casino software developers of today, Betsoft Gaming, has just launched their new Shift platform which was developed to take advantage of the full benefits of HTML5 technology and set the company on the future track of online gambling. Their new platform is built solely with the HTML5 programming language – a standard that’s taken over all online industries, including the gambling industry.

Since Adobe are officially no longer going to support Flash, Betsoft is launching a new platform that would allow the casino game maker to continue providing their games in full glory. By using HTML5 technology, they have created a platform that can run smoothly across all Betsoft casinos, regardless of the web browser, without any needs for additional plugins that need to be regularly updated and expose players to risks of falling victim to cyber criminals. However, security and compatibility isn’t the only thing that comes with the new Shift platform, as Betsoft have made other changes as well.

Among its highlights, the new platform also comes with a completely new animation engine that works better than Flash, allowing for Betsoft’s game designs to be enjoyed as they were built to be. The new engine comes with a higher frame rate that would make the gaming experience smoother and allow complex animations to provide a more immersive gaming experience. However, Betsoft will still continue supporting Flash, as to ensure players with older phones and computers can still enjoy their old and new game designs.

According to Mark McKeown, the vice president of Sales and Marketing at Betsoft, the Shift platform is the company’s next move in their “iGaming evolution” and a “milestone” for both the online gaming industry as well as Betsoft. McKeown added that while the technology has already been employed for a while, it wasn’t mature enough to meet the quality standards of the company until now.