When the Covid-19 pandemic first began, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) created a Covid action plan. The plan was first revealed when the lockdown started in March. It provided details on what standards members of the BGC should meet during the pandemic. The 10-pledge plan has been a success over the last few months, with the BGC reporting that safer gambling messaging has increased over 50% in six months since the plan started.

Reaffirming Support

Members of the BGC reaffirmed support for the Covid action plan when the second lockdown started last month in England. This time around, members agreed to increase the number of messages regarding safer gambling via websites as well as directly towards customers.

The BGC is reporting that the number of individuals receiving messaging in the mail regarding safer gambling increased by 150%. Direct mail increased from six million to more than eleven million in just one month.

Operators are also stepping up with direct interventions. When it comes to instances where players are spending more time or money wagering than before the pandemic, operators are stepping in with assistance. This process has increased by 25%.

Driving Change

This week, the findings by the BGC are to be provided to the standard body’s AGM. Members of the BGC have committed to driving change in the industry to help make it safer for players. Members agreed this year to remove all television and radio advertisements involving gaming during the spring lockdown.

Since that agreement, members have also decided to provide at least 20% of advertisements that use safer gambling messaging. Chief executive of the BGC, Michael Dugher, commented on the recent changes, stating that the BGC was created in 2019 as a standards body that would work to drive big changes within the regulated industry. The new findings show that the group has led the way and is achieving results.

The BGC continues to show that the gambling industry has taken care of its customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. From offering safer gambling initiatives to health and safety protocols, casinos, and betting shops are doing everything possible to promote a safe environment.

In late November, the full shutdown was removed in the UK and a tiered system was created. The BGC supports this move but wants to see all casinos and betting shops open fully, with safety protocols in place.