Another online casino is caught using pirated software and offering these counterfeit games to its players!

As reported and discovered by our parent site, Latest Casino Bonuses, the online casino Burnbet has been found to be using rogue online slots. The software in question is called 2WinPower, and the online casino has been caught previously pirating online slots by the same group of experts over at LCB.

This time, they have been making copies of popular slots by legitimate software companies, Aristocrat, Novomatic, and EGT. All told, about 50 slots on Burnbet are fakes. These forgeries are surprisingly similar to the real deal, and to the eye of casual players, and even experienced ones, they may never know the difference.

But, the experts at LCB scoured through source codes and found that these slots were not coming from the real suppliers. All point directly back to 2WinPower. Some of the easier games to spot as counterfeit were the Playtech games claiming to be “Marvel” slots. If you don’t already know, Playtech has removed all Marvel slots due to Disney not renewing their licensing agreement. If you see a Marvel based slot online, you can be positive it’s a fake since no legitimate ones should be out there at this point.

At first, it was unclear if Burnbet was aware they were using pirated games; and aside from a few reports of slow payments, no players have come forward saying they have not been paid. Having said that, Burnbet should be responsible for any content used on their site, regardless if they were aware of the issue or not.

LCB did finally receive a response from Burnbet offering a halfhearted explanation to the issue at hand. A Burnbet representative claims that more players have been paid than not, and assume the fake games are working properly. They also stated that there are “too many active players on the site,”  and they will not be removing the games.

To their defense, they also mentioned they will be switching to other software providers in September, mainly BetConstruct. However, the fact that they acknowledge fake slots are running on their site, and they have no immediate plans to remove them, was reason enough to put Burnbet on the LCB Warning List.