Bergan-headquartered Bitgames Ltd, a family-run business that offers free cryptocurrency games and lotteries, recently announced the world-wide launch of the first-ever completely free Bitcoin lotto.

According to the press release

The nonexistence of a free and legitimate Bitcoin lotto within the global market served as the inspiration for the Norwegian company’s creation of the BTC Free Lotto.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Bitgames, Pål Sverre Lokøen, said, “We have set ourselves some high goals in terms of building an immense user-base of active players and producing many new Bitcoin millionaires.”

Free to everyone 18 and older:

“Our free lotto concept is developed with the novice users in mind, and everyone aged 18 and older can easily register and join our free Bitcoin lotto.”

Players from all over the globe are able to register and play for free for an opportunity to win millions in Bitcoin, according to the press release. Additionally, Bitgames, which offers players a wide selection of online gambling products, also offers a progressive mega jackpot that grows each day.

Simple set up and registration:

Registration only takes minutes and set up of BTC Free Lotto is reportedly straightforward. Players only need to download the free mining software, enter the Bitgames mining address and register their free account.

All players need to do after that is to choose their lotto numbers for instant lotto play, which they can play any time.

The family-run Bitgames was launched in 2017 and its team has more than four decades of experience in international and domestic business, according to the news release.