The Stratosphere Las Vegas is considered to be one of the iconic buildings in Las Vegas with its well known tower, which stands at 1,149 feet tall. The late Bob Stupak was a promoter, poker player and visionary, the man behind the Stratosphere who opened its doors to the public back in 1996.

The casino is now owned by the American Casino & Entertainment Properties who have made special plans to celebrate the Stratosphere’s twentieth anniversary on May 1. The Stratosphere will be providing special buffet meals priced at 2 for $20, a number of unlimited thrill rides also priced at $20 and offer residents of Nevada a number of specials offers including free a free pass to the tower.

The iconic tower is one of the main reasons why the Stratosphere is so popular. The tower tends to attract more outsiders than locals but over the years has become a big hit with the public and recorded its fortieth million visitor back in 2014. Whenever a promotional shot of the Las Vegas Strip or a selfie on the Las Vegas Boulevard gets taken, the Stratosphere tower tends to get featured in the background more often than not.

One of the special attractions is the ‘Top of the World Restaurant’ that gives diners a spectacular view of the Las Vegas strip as it rotates every eighty minutes and provides guests with a unique experience. There is also an outdoor and indoor outdoor observation deck and a lounge that allows guests to enjoy the fabulous view. The late Bob Stupak believed that the tower would make the Stratosphere standout from the other Las Vegas buildings and his intuition has brought great dividends.

In a statement, David Schwartz, director of the Center for Gaming Research at UNLV said “I think it’s indistinguishable from the personality of Bob Stupak if you look at the workings of it. He had the Vegas World casino there and in order to make it competitive with the megaresorts that were being built, he wanted to have a huge observation tower. It’s part of that wave of casinos in the ’90s and showed you could build a resort like that even off the main part of the Strip.”

A number of casinos and buildings on the Las Vegas Strip have been demolished during the last few years but the Stratosphere has stood the test of time. American Casino properties did not divulge the revenue that the Stratosphere was bringing in but stated that the casino was doing really well and the results were favorable. The Stratosphere continues to focus on non-gaming activities in the recent past as they have proven to bring in more money than gaming activities.