Local media of Macau, the Macau Business Daily, is reporting that the MGM Macau is no longer offering a VIP room operated by the Cali Group. The Macau junket operator has reportedly shut down another VIP operation at the Macau casino.

Based on reports, an employee of Cali spoke to Leong Meng Teng, the Forefront of Macau Gaming President, last week and stated that the Cali Group had let go of most of the employees who worked in the VIP room. A spokesman for MGM was asked for comment and stated that the Cali Group had not been operating their VIP room for some time, according to Agbrief.

Back in February of this year, the Cali Group decided to close two VIP gaming rooms, out of four in operation, one at the City of Dreams in Macau and one at the Grand Lisboa. This was done in efforts to shift their resources to venues in the Philippines. Reportedly, this should have left a VIP room at the MGM Macau and one at the Galaxy Macau.