There are now only eight casinos left in Atlantic City and the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa continues to generate the highest revenue among these eight casinos. The Borgata casino has looked to innovate and change up its marketing and promotion strategy in 2015 in an effort to diversify its gaming interests.

The Borgata casino recently announced that it would invest $14 million during 2016 to create a new entertainment facility that would house a Premier Nightclub that would cover over 18,000 square feet and open to the public during the spring of 2016. The slump in Atlantic City’s gambling industry over the past 24 months has forced casinos to look for new ways to generate revenue apart from traditional gambling facilities.

The Borgata casino has experimented in both the gaming and non-gaming sectors to see which business model brings in more revenue and its testing process appears to be paying strong dividends. The New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement stated that as of November 2015, the Borgata casino has brought in more than $57 million making it the number one casino in Atlantic City in terms of revenue generation with Harrah’s Resort coming in second with $30 million in revenue.

The Premier Nightclub is expected to bring in a younger generation of customers to the casino and the casino will design the nightclub to feature a modern ambience that has a digital proscenium, deejay booth, stage and tiered booths. The Borgata has hired Josh Held of Josh Held Design to design the Premier Nightclub as Josh has experience of designing some of the best nightclubs in Dubai, Singapore, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York.

The Premier Nightclub will comprise of a main floor that will have 2 x 35 foot long bars, a stairway that takes one up to the mezzanine area that will have a unique disco ball that is 6 feet in diameter and is surrounded by a chandelier that is 25 feet in diameter and made from programmable light.

In a statement, Joe Lupo, senior vice president of operations for Borgata said “We felt now was the ideal time to once again redefine nightlife entertainment with a venue designed to rival the top clubs in Las Vegas, Miami and New York”.

During the last 24 months, the Borgata has invested heavily into non-gaming facilities such as the $14 million outdoor Borgata Festival Park and a $13 million property makeover that included a total redesign of the Borgata Buffet.